Maester’s Ludwig Diary

September 2022 – The Khal

Welcome to this month’s diary entry where we’ll have a look at Khal Drogo’s theme and how it differs from our Westerosi themes. The Dothraki In the Societies page there is an entry dedicated to the Dothraki culture where we breakdown the basics of their music. There we saw how the Dothraki music is very … Continue reading September 2022 – The Khal

July 2022 – Pirate Music

Welcome to July’s diary entry for 2022. In this aestival period we dive into the water’s of the Iron Islands to find ourselves some pirate music, but first we need to ask ourselves one question… What is pirate music? Glad you asked, but this is a pointless question since there is not such thing as … Continue reading July 2022 – Pirate Music

May 2022 – Finally

Welcome to the diary update for May 2022! Ever since October I have been working on the transition to video format for the website. It has taken longer than I wanted (and expected) but it’s finally over! From the dozens of pages with text, images, and audio, to only four pages: People, Societies, Places, and … Continue reading May 2022 – Finally

December 2021 – A New Look

Welcome to the last of this year’s updates! As I announced last month I started the process of creating a new format for the website where every single piece of music will get a video with a detailed breakdown of the music and a text description to better understand the reasoning behind it. I really … Continue reading December 2021 – A New Look

July 2021 – Direwolves

Welcome to July’s Diary entry! Summer is in full swing but the direwolves are doing just fine, as House Stark is getting a good update. The Direwolves While all main characters of House Stark have were uploaded a long time ago now it’s time for the secondary characters we didn’t get to meet on the … Continue reading July 2021 – Direwolves

June 2021 – Dragons

Welcome to June’s diary entry! This month’s update is quite significant for the website, as House Targaryen hadn’t seen an update since the release of the website. Without further ado, let’s talk about dragons. The House of the Dragon House Targaryen is the largest house in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe in … Continue reading June 2021 – Dragons

May 2021 – Housekeeping

Hello and welcome to June’s diary entry! This month I made substantial progress advancing many of the musical fronts where progress had come to a halt a long time ago, but at the same time I also experienced technical difficulties that bogged me down and eventually stopped me in my tracks for many days. In … Continue reading May 2021 – Housekeeping

March 2021 – The Ironborn

Welcome to the Diary entry for March 2021! The time has finally come for House Greyjoy to join the roster of noble Westerosi houses and for the Ironborn to be included as one of the musical cultures of Westeros! What is dead may never die House Greyjoy shouldn’t be too difficult to write music for. … Continue reading March 2021 – The Ironborn

January 2021 – Deadlines

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” Douglas Adams Welcome to the first diary entry for 2021! As the quote above suggests, my deadline for this month flew right by me. I had planned for this month’s entry to be all about knighthood and the kingsguards, tying it … Continue reading January 2021 – Deadlines