February 2022 – The Old Bear

Welcome to a February’s diary entry… in March! Just when I was getting ready to celebrate the third anniversary of this website life decided to throw some curved balls in my general direction and I had to put the update in the back burner for an extra week. Anyway, better late than never, here is this month’s new theme!

This year I want to upload more music belonging to characters from some Noble Houses that are not main characters, and to whet our appetite we will start with Jeor Mormont..

The Old Bear

The Old Bear is a succinct but noble theme and full of ‘northerness’. The contrabassoon begins the slow and gruff march in the low register, building up higher in the register and dynamics as the bassoon and strings join the march.

The keystone in this theme is the bear leitmotif, who those familiar with the song The Bear and the Maiden Fair from this website might recognize it as an ascending third. Now, this interval is way too common an interval to use it as the leitmotif for House Mormont, but it still takes centerstage as it piles up on itself moving up and down the minor pentatonic scale of the First Men (even if the entire theme only uses four pitches).

Something important about this theme is that it is not the Jeor as we meet him in the books. This is the him as Lord of Bear Island and head of House Mormont; it’s a lord’s theme, not a commander of the Night’s Watch theme.

A couple of entries back I talked about how I like to write themes for characters thinking about their arc progression and development, and Jeor Mormont is no different here. At some point in the future I will upload Jeor’s theme as Lord Commander, ‘The Old Black Bear’, but I liked this theme for him too much to not share it here. I hope you like it too!

There is still a diary entry for March in the making,so see you in a few weeks!

Maester Ludwig

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