People have music inside them, and to be able to hear their music is tantamount to hearing their inner thoughts. This music has been shaped by their environment as much as by the blood that flows through their veins. Such music is never static, as it grows and changes with the person at every moment in their lives. In the coming chapters we will learn more about the music of each person of significance in Westeros and Essos. Some of these people have lived long lives, full of harrowing experiences that scarred them the same way a lighting hits a tree. Some other people are still saplings in their infancy and they are still learning about their world and growing up accordingly. Creating such music is a challenge for it requires a deep understanding of the person in question: their ancestry and culture; their desires and fears; their family, friends, and foes. Much care has been put into balancing these elements while at the same time maintaining a coherent vision for the entire volume. It is a slow process that requires careful consideration, for each step forward creates a momentum that is hard to correct once you realize you are lost.

~Westerosi Houses~

There are hundreds of “Houses” in Westeros, where each family not only has a unique heraldry and motto, but also a unique musical motif associated with them.

Westerosi Lowborn

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Essosi Nobility

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Essosi Lowborn

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