March 2022 – Fresh from the scribe

Spring is here and so is a new diary! This one will be as brief as it is massive: Long gone are the days of boring pages! Using a similar template to the one created for character themes I have reformatted the entire section dedicated to Cultures and Religions to create one continuous video.

In this 35 minute long video I have gotten as close as possible to my original vision for this project as possible, and while there is some polishing to be done here and there I am quite happy with the result. Also, there are some nice stamps on the video go move between the chapters:

00:45 The Crownlands
01:38 The Riverlands (Bear and the Maiden Fair)
04:59 The Northermen (2 folk pieces)
13:13 The Ironborn (Storm Song)
14:31 The Dornish (folkloric piece)
15:38 The Children (2 alleged folk pieces)
18:54 The Giants (The Last of the Giants)
22:45 The Others (Freefolk song about the Others)
23:48 The Valyrians24:04 Slaver’s Bay (2 court piecees)
27:09 The Qaathi27:18 The Dothraki (folkloric piece)
28:32 The Faith (Song of the Seven)

I really hope you enjoy it and to see you in the next diary!

Maester Ludwig

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