September 2021 – The end of Summer

Hello and welcome to another diary entry! This month I had to clear my backlog of pending issues which I couldn’t postpone any longer so I had to put Music of Ice and Fire on the back burner for a few weeks. Therefore, nothing too fancy for this month’s update, just the inclusion of House Clegane to the roster of Westerosi Houses featuring Gregor Clegane’s leitmotif (fig. a).

fig. a – Gregor Clegane’s leitmotif

This is a theme I wrote almost a couple of years ago and that I hadn’t find the right opportunity to upload, so what better time than now? All the basic leitmotifs one would expect are there, such as death leitmotif and knighthood leitmotif, and even the Lannister one well hidden in the chord progression, as the house was founded with a strong connection to Tytos Lannister.

That went by quickly! I hope to see you for the next diary entry for a (hopefully) more substantial update. See you then!

Maester Ludwig

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