March 2020 – A Music Quiz of Ice and Fire

For the second update to the website I had in mind a mix of writing and new music in equal parts. Now, with the current situation most people are (wisely) choosing to stay at home and find whatever means of entertainment they can, so I asked myself if there was anything I could do to spice up this month’s update to make it more fun. So I decided to create a musical quiz where I’m uploading a series of tracks with no name, just a little hint about the character, house or place they portray and see how close people get. Please share your guesses in the comments!

Track 1 – Nobody is guaranteed a happy ending.

Track 2 – Like parents, like son

Track 3 – An unexpected return

Track 4 – The Older Brother

Track 5 – A proud house from the North

Track 6 – A land far away from Westeros

I hope you had some fun guessing and you liked the tracks! I’ll announce the answers in the next update.

Maester Ludwig

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