August 2022 – Summer Break

Welcome to a most delayed (and perhaps a bit procrastinated) diary entry! This past month I took a very long and nice break from work, which is great, but I also happened to be very far from home and my piano. Since there was little I could do music-wise I decided to work on a project not related to A Song of Ice and Fire (which is very odd for me). I spent a few weeks working on a board game idea I had a couple of years ago and I’m incredibly pleased with it; now I just need to play it!

Coming back home last week I still had another week off before going back to work so I dusted off another idea I had but this time ASOIAF related: after having finished the current intro with the book and the table I thought it would be great to have the camera pull back and show the surroundings as we flip through the pages, but it shelved the idea for the time being… until now!


The book now has transitions between regions where we can see a panoramic view of the area and hear the atmosphere around us. It doesn’t sound like much but it helps a lot to give the whole thing some depth. I hope you like it! And now back to writing new music; see you in the next diary entry!

Maester Ludwig

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