June 2020 – Website update 1.1

Welcome to June’s entry of my diary. This month’s update has been massive but it fly under the radar of most people since it involves very little new music. How is that possible? Well, with some very minor exceptions, all the audio tracks and accompanying images have been remade to better suit the tonality framework I have devised for the music. What does that mean? Simply put, up until know I had been writing music in the key that I liked best without any narrative concerns in mind, allowing me to focus on creating musical material without the trying to make it all fit from the beginning. This method has proved very successful, but alas, I always knew that at some point I would have to rework some music to fit the tonality framework for the music to have the cohesive narrative that I want for it. So this month I decided to bite the bullet and spend endless hours going through music files transposing, arranging and orchestrating music in different keys. The music is essentially the same so that’s why I say it has been a huge update that will go by virtually unnoticed by most people (unless of course you have perfect pitch).

The only collection of pieces that have survived the transposition cull have been the Targaryen, who used to share the key of D with the Starks, before the wolves were relocated to B♭. Why these keys in particular? I’ll talk more of that in a future diary entry about tonality and its impact on the narrative because I think it is a very interesting subject.

In any case, it wouldn’t be an update without some new music so leitmotifs for House Lannister have been added to the page, where you can now hear the Lion’s roar and Tywin Lannister’s theme.

See you in the next diary!

Maester Ludwig

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