January 2023 – The Little Wolf

Hi there! This year the goal is to write and upload as much new music as possible and although I have only managed to finish two new themes in January, those two have been incredibly satisfying to finally see them come through.

This month’s new theme is sadly neither of those two but one I had procrastinated long enough to upload. With Rickon Stark’s theme on the website now there are only two Stark themes missing (those would be Benjen and Brandon in case you are wondering)

The Little Wolf

Rickon’s theme is the most playful of all the Stark themes, of course; very childish and a bit vexing at times as three-year olds can be. The mix of Stark and Tully is at the foreground, as is the case for Rickon’s full siblings Robb, Sansa, Arya, and Barn, but the simplicity of it allows for a lot of room for growth.

I hoped you enjoyed this little theme and I also to see you in February’s s diary entry!

Maester Ludwig

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