December 2022 – The Other Mockingbird

Happy New Year! In this last diary entry of the year I want to share with you the other side of the Mockingbird we saw last month.

Last month I uploaded a track called the Mockingbird, Petyr Baelish’s theme as we meet him in “A Game of Thrones”.  It was a theme depicting Littlefinger’s cunning and conniving persona.

The Mockingbird

This month I wanted to peel back the curtain and show you the original track that came before the Mockingbird, what I call “The Infatuated Mockingbird”.

The Infatuated Mockingbird

Maybe I’m the only one but to me Petyr’s story is a very tragic one. A young boy, barely fifteen, challenging an older an experienced fighter to a duel to win the hand of the woman he loves… and we all know how that story ended.

In my eyes Petyr Baelish died that day. The Littlefinger we know has nothing in common with Petyr except the memories of that day. It was important for me to capture that in a separate theme for Petyr, once that could evolve and corrupt it even. This is that theme that was misguided, naive and was destined to a bitter end.

The original theme is played an octave higher and the melody seems to soar with a less airy sound quality to the flute, a brighter sound. The theme plays through the lens of hindsight, full of foreshadowing and so it has a tragic mood to it. The Tully leitmotif is featured from the first bar and yet the love theme is never heard. It was writing this piece that I gained a whole new appreciation for the tragedy of Petyr Baelish.

The Infatuated Mockingbird

I hope you liked this entry’s theme and I hope to see you again in 2023 when I plan to upload as much music as I humanly can. Happy New Year everybody!

Maester Ludwig

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