The following is an exploration through the different Societies of Westeros and Essos.

Although an expansion is in the making, the Societies in Music of Ice and Fire currently contains the following chapters:

  • Westerosi Cultures:
    • The Andalosi cultures of the Crownlands (00:45) and the Riverlands (01:38) which includes the song the Bear and the Maiden Fair.
    • The First Men regions of the North (04:59), which includes 2 folkloric pieces and the Ironborn (13:13) which includes a Storm Song.
    • The Dornish region (14:31) including a folkloric piece.
    • The region Beyond the Wall that comprises the forgotten cultures of the Children of the Forest (15:38), which includes 2 alleged pieces of unkown origin; the Giants (18:54) which includes the song The Last of the Giants; and the Others (22:45), including a song associated with the Others in Freefolk culture.
  • Essosi Cultures:
    • The Valyrian culture (23:48)
    • The region of Slaver’s Bay (24:04) including 2 folkloric pieces payed at court.
    • The region of Qaath (27:09)
    • The Dothraki culture (27:18), including a folkloric piece.
  • Religions:
    • The Faith of the Seven (28:32), which includes the Song of the Seven.