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Welcome to Music of Ice and Fire, I’m Maester Ludwig, and here you will find the latest music based on George R.R. Martin’s A song of Ice and Fire. If you are new to this page let me introduce you to this website here!

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July 2022 – Pirate Music

Welcome to July’s diary entry for 2022. In this aestival period we dive into the water’s of the Iron Islands to find ourselves some pirate music, but first we need to ask ourselves one question… What is pirate music? Glad you asked, but this is a pointless question since there is not such thing as … Continue reading July 2022 – Pirate Music

May 2022 – Finally

Welcome to the diary update for May 2022! Ever since October I have been working on the transition to video format for the website. It has taken longer than I wanted (and expected) but it’s finally over! From the dozens of pages with text, images, and audio, to only four pages: People, Societies, Places, and … Continue reading May 2022 – Finally