About Music of Ice and Fire

Welcome to Music of Ice and Fire, I’m Maester Ludwig, and this is my life’s work. To make it more easily digestible I have divided it into three different volumes, each one with a different approach. There is no preferred order when it comes to reading the material here presented. As I have a full-time job at the Citadel I cannot spend the time and energy I have on expanding the pages of these volumes as much as I wish. Suffice it to say that a new chapter is always in the making, and updates will be as regular as possible. Now a description of what the reader can find inside of each volume.

~ Music of Ice and Fire ~

The first volume is an encyclopedia about the musical cultures of Westeros and Essos seen from the perspective of a Maester of the Citadel. With hundreds of notes collected over the years I have many chapters that need to be included or expanded. Sometimes I need to rewrite entire chapters based on new evidence I had overlooked during my first rewrite. Some chapters are complete and ready to be included but I haven’t found yet the means by which to reproduce the musical examples needed to understand the text.

~ Notes of Ice and Fire ~

The second volume is a compilation of all the music inherit in the peoples, organizations, and places of Westeros and Essos. Taking inspiration from the first volume but with a more abstract and detached tone, it is a long process that aims to look within the people and nature of every element of Westeros and Essos and bring them to life musically.

~ Songs of Ice and Fire ~

The third volume is the most abstract of all three tomes. It is a musical representation of all the recent and not so recent events that have happened in Westeros and Essos. Knowing what to listen for, it is my understanding that the reader should be able to identify clearly the passage in history the music intends to represent. This is the largest and most ambitious of all three books, for it largely depends on the other two to be complete before it itself can be written with some degree of authority. There have been some promising attempts so far but I think it is for the best to bide my time and add some chapters once the first two volumes are a bit more developed lest I have to rewrite more than strictly necessary.

~ Maester’s Ludwig Diary ~

This is not part of the three-book collection but a simple journal to write my thoughts about the process of writing. I think it is important to write things down to reflect on them later on and keep track of where I am and where I wish to go.