Scales of the Valyrian

The Valyrian Scales have been arranged according to the traditional positions of the low position (fig. a), middle position (fig. b), and high position (fig. c) in Valyrian harp. On the first row of each position I have featured the row of strings belonging to each position. On the left column the scale appears as it is played on the strings of the harp with the first, third, fifth, and seventh strings constant throughout the entire position and the second, fourth, and sixth strings changing from scale to scale. I have connected the second, fourth, and sixth string with a line in case there is a perfect consonance between them and with a dotted line when there is no consonance between them, as this is a key feature if the scales. On the right column the scales appear compressed to a distance of an octave to facilitate identification. An important caveat is that when looking at the right column some of the scales seem to be repeated but if one compares the scales using the left column it is easy to see that the actual use of the scales and tunings justifies this reiteration of the scales.

Valyrian Scales in the Low Position

Valyrian Scales in the Middle Position

Valyrian Scales in the High Position

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