We are told by those who traverse the seas from one corner of the world to the other that there are hundreds of religions. Nevertheless, we will start by discussing the religions of Westeros first.

~The Faith of the Seven~

The most widespread religion in Westeros needs little introduction to the reader, but sometimes familiarity can be a double-edged sword as one begins to perceive the familiar as ordinary and before long, they start missing out on the relevance of what surrounds them.

The Old Gods

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The Old Gods are part of the First Men culture in Westeros, and as such it is the oldest religion in Westeros. Regardless of how one perceives this cult of carved trees it is important to understand the significance role it plays in the lives of their followers.

The Drowned God

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The seafaring Ironborn are the only people who pay devotion to the Drowned God, but their rites and customs have an impact in them as deep as the sea they sail.