House Tully

House Tully is a proud House of First Men descent, and thus theirs is a sound closer to the North than the South for which there is no name, so I will simply call it The Trout (fig. a ). Legend says the three different pitches represent their words: Family, Duty, Honor, but this contradicts those who say the undulating 3 pitches represent the Green, Red, and Blue Forks of the Riverlands. Speculation doesn’t end there though, as with the fall of House Harren it was Aegon Targaryen who chose Edmyn Tully to rule in the Riverlands, and to show their loyalty to House Targaryen the Dragon’s Roar can be heard when the melody goes up.

Fig. a – The Trout

Catelyn Tully is Hoster Tully’s first born and well known in the Realm for embodying the words of House Tully. As a maiden, hers was a sound that combined joy and beauty in equal parts.

Fig. b – Catelyn Tully (Maiden)

As a Mother, the passing of time may have taken away some of the beauty of her youth, and the weariness of war may have taken away her joy altogether, but the words of House Tully feel stronger than ever.

Fig. c – Catelyn Tully (Mother)

Robb Stark might not be a Tully in name but with his blue eyes and reddish hair it doesn’t take much effort to see the Tully in him right from the start. Every day that passes he is closer to manhood and shows a coolness that most likely comes from his father Eddard.

Fig. d – Robb Stark