House Targaryen

The sound of House Targeryen, also known as the “Dragon’s Roar”, is remembered today due to its association with the Targaryens (fig. a). Nobody is alive today to remember the kind of sounds dragons used to make, but many believe the quick rise of a fifth is associated with Targaryens because it is how dragons used to roar.

Fig. a

Many still believe to this day that the Targaryens  blood allowed them to bond with their dragons, hence they have been included in the Targaryen lineage below their riders.

With house Targaryen almost completely extinct we will focus our attention on the most renown members of the dynasty, starting with the founder of the Dynasty, Aegon I Targaryen (fig. c) and his dragon Balerion the Black Dread (fig. b).

Fig. b – Balerion
Fig. c – Aegon I Targaryen

The only remaining Targaryen alive is Daenerys Targaryen (fig. e), living in exile in Essos, where rumors say she has hatched a dragon named Drogon (fig. d).

Fig. d – Drogon
Fig. e – Daenerys Targaryen