House Martell

The sound of House Martell is not Westerosi in origin, but from straight from the banks of the Rhoyne (fig. a). The Martell sound comes from the juxtaposition of two sets of notes, each set made of two notes separated by the smallest possible interval, but always in a relation that gives away the foreign nature of the sound to the Westerosi ear.

Fig. a

House Martell has a very long history, and with countless permutations of these two simple sets of notes we will begin our account of their House those with the last member of House Martell to live in the capital, Elia Martell. Her tragic death overshadows all memory of Elia, but here we will remember her as the young and beautiful woman of delicate health who came to King’s Landing to be prince Rhaegar’s wife.

Fig. b – Elia Martell

Someone who hasn’t forgotten Elia is her younger brother Oberyn Martell, known as the Red Viper. His hot Dornish blood is well known in both Westeros and Essos, making those around him to tread carefully around him lest they step on him.

Fig. c – Obery Martell