People, unlike creatures of instinct, are attracted to the realm of ideas where one can try to make sense of the world. It is this place where, even at risk of detaching oneself from reality, one can aspire to glimpse the underlying truth of it all. Here many questions are asked but few have answers: what is the relation between life and death? does magic really exist? what is honor worth? Maesters like me might ponder these questions more than any other but the truth is that we are as blind to the answer as all mortal humans. Nevertheless, one can try to asses these ideas, these concepts, and formulate them as music to perhaps gain a little understanding of what the answers might be.

~Life / Death~

Life and death are two sides of the same coin, sometimes almost indistinguishable. Rare is the case when they show their faces, but they permeate everything.


Love can be as intoxicating as the best Arbor Gold, and just so, too much of it can lead cloud the mind and lead down perilous road.


The values of knighthood are what distinguishes true honorable men from the common sellswords.


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